Female Athlete

Female Athlete

Female Athlete services offered in Montclair, NJ

Certain sports medicine services can address female health conditions that impact your athletic abilities and injury risks. At Family and Sport Medicine Institute of NJ in Summit and Montclair, New Jersey, Melissa Mascaro, MD, Joelle Stabile Rehberg, DO, and Christina Hector, DO, have specialty training to assist pregnant women, menopausal women, and women with certain health conditions with personalized care. Call Family and Sport Medicine Institute of NJ or book an appointment online for your female athlete care consultation today.

What is sports medicine for female athletes?

Female athletes are women who play sports at any level. While you benefit from sports-related services for anyone, there are also sports medicine services that are particularly beneficial to female athletes.

The team at Family and Sport Medicine Institute of NJ takes a multidisciplinary approach to sports medicine for female athletes to help you compete at your highest capacity. They can also address any medical conditions and injuries that impact your sports abilities or performance. 

Much of female athlete sports medicine involves age-specific considerations or specific considerations for your personal circumstances. The team provides individualized care using advanced testing, imaging, and treatments. 

Who can benefit from female athlete services?

Family and Sport Medicine Institute of NJ can provide specialty services according to your personal needs. You might benefit from female athlete services if you’re:

A pregnant athlete

Pregnant women can benefit from playing sports and engaging in physical activities throughout their pregnancies. The team at Family and Sport Medicine Institute of NJ has world-class expertise in physical activity during and after pregnancy. 

A mature athlete

Mature women in sports often have an increased risk of certain injuries due to postmenopausal bone density loss. The team uses a specialized approach to diagnose and address your unique nutritional, hormonal, and physical needs. 

An athlete with certain health conditions

If you have painful or irregular periods, are in the process of losing weight, or have particular injuries, you might benefit from personalized sports medicine services for female athletes at Family and Sport Medicine Institute of NJ. 

Which services are specific to female athletes?

The team at Family and Sport Medicine Institute of NJ welcomes you in for a consultation concerning your personal needs. They can offer training suggestions and a variety of treatments and services to help you stay in shape and on top of your game. 

Depending on your circumstances and health, you might benefit from:

  • Imaging tests and bone scans
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Training recommendations
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Injury care

While some conditions that affect female athletes are exclusive to them, other conditions and injuries that affect both men and women impact women in different ways. For example, concussions are more likely to cause prolonged symptoms in women. The team personalizes your care plan considering these differences. 

Schedule a personalized consultation for female athlete sports medicine by phone or online at Family and Sport Medicine Institute of NJ online today.