Ultrasound services offered in Montclair, NJ

Ultrasound imaging tests are highly useful for diagnosing and even treating joint injuries. At Family and Sport Medicine Institute of NJ in Summit and Montclair, New Jersey, Melissa Mascaro, MD, Joelle Stabile Rehberg, DO, and Christina Hector, DO, use this gentle imaging procedure for joint injections and evaluations. Call Family and Sport Medicine Institute of NJ or book an appointment online to find out if you need ultrasound imaging today.

What are ultrasounds?

An ultrasound is a safe and radiation-free imaging test that administers sound waves toward your tissues. Those sound waves reflect off your organs and tissues to produce a real-time image, which you can observe on a nearby monitor for the duration of the test. The imaging study is completely painless and usually requires no preparation on your part. 

The team at Family and Sport Medicine Institute of NJ uses ultrasound imaging to diagnose numerous sports injuries and conditions. During the test, they apply a cool gel to your skin. This gel allows the sound waves to transmit smoothly for a clear image. They glide a handpiece called a transducer across your skin which collects the data and sends it to the computer monitor. 

The team explains the results of your ultrasound if you use it for diagnostic purposes and lets you know of their indications for your treatment. 

What purposes do ultrasounds serve?

Ultrasound imaging can serve several purposes in a sports medicine setting. Within your personalized care plan, the team at Family and Sport Medicine Institute of NJ might use ultrasound imaging to:

Diagnose conditions

Ultrasound imaging shows a variety of structures inside your body. It also shows important details like blood flow, blockages, and inflammation. 

Evaluate healing

Your provider might decide to use ultrasound imaging to see how successful a treatment has been for your healing. Based on the results of an ultrasound, they might continue or alter your treatment plan. 

Guide injections

Some injections, like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and corticosteroids, require ultrasound guidance for precision. These injections can alleviate pain and inflammation or accelerate healing. 

Which conditions can ultrasounds detect or evaluate?

An ultrasound can detect various tissue defects and problems with blood flow. This imaging test is particularly effective for evaluating joint inflammation, which is essential in a sports medicine setting. This inflammation can come from:

  • Arthritis
  • Tendinitis
  • Bursitis
  • Sprains and strains

Before you get your ultrasound, the team explains what to expect from the results and their reasons for recommending ultrasound imaging as part of your evaluation. They might also provide a physical exam and other tests. 

Schedule an appointment over the phone or online at Family and Sport Medicine Institute of NJ today to find out if you can benefit from ultrasound imaging.